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Colson Philip

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When did you start working at Future Track?
Where did you grow up?
Grenada West Indies until I was 15 years old then migrated to New York in 1995. High school in New York until 2000. Then Philadelphia until 2015. Moved to California May 2005.
When did you start running?
Started running on the island in road races. Joined the track team in high school during the indoor season.
How long have you been coaching for? Why did you start coaching?
Volunteer coach after high school in New York during the summer via the Big Apple program with my high school coach. Started coaching youth track and field/cross country via the West Valley Eagles in 2010.  Coached at Taft High in 2014 and is currently Director of Track and Field and Cross Country at El Camino High School in Woodland Hills.
What is your current favorite shoe and why?
My current favorite shoe is the new balance 880v9 the fit is perfect and the lifespan on the shoe is top notch.
What is a running goal you have right now?
Daily runs to stay healthy and fit.
Why do you run?
Because i love it.
Favorite pre-race meal?
Favorite Post-run meal?
Fresh Fruit
Advice for a new runner? 
Believe in yourself and listen to your body.
Favorite Professional Runner?
Karani James because he is from Grenada my isle of birth. He runs the 400m.
What is your favorite running event that you have completed?
Footlocker Cross country Regional North East Region.
Non Running Hobbies?
Coaching,Cooking,Baking,traveling for short day trips.

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