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Michelle Libman

Where did you grow up? 
Ventura, CA 
When did you start running?
I started really running my last year of college. A friend of mine had just completed the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco and at that very moment I decided I wanted to sign up for it the following year. 
What do you do outside of working at Future Track / Mile 26?
I also work for RaceFox Events (sister company to Future Track / Mile 26) as a Race Director planning various running events primarily in Ventura County. One of my favorites that we work on is the Ventura Marathon! You should check it out!
What is your current favorite shoe and why?
For road running, the Brooks Ravenna because it gives me just enough support with some light cushioning. For trail running, the Altra Timp because of the wider toe-box and it has just enough cushioning where I don't have to feel every rock underneath my feet. 
What is a running goal you have right now?
To run injury free! But more specifically, to run a 2-hour half marathon.
Why do you run?
To put it simply, to stay healthy and sane. Running is a great stress-reliever, workout, and social activity. 
Favorite pre-race meal?
A rice cake with peanut butter and banana. 
Favorite Post-race meal?
A veggie burger with extra crispy french fries and a nice cold glass of orange juice. Then, of course, some ice cream for dessert. :)
Advice for a new runner? 
Take it one step at a time, literally. Start small and build slowly. 
Favorite Professional Runner?
Clare Gallagher. She's an all-around great human being. Not only is she fast, but she also sincerely cares about the environment and is super nice. 
What is your favorite running event that you have completed?
Avenue of the Giants Marathon. This was my first marathon and the entire course is lined with redwood trees. I couldn't have asked for a better course. 
Non-Running Hobbies?
I pretty much love doing anything outside! A few that I really enjoy are camping, backpacking, hiking, doing triathlons, kayaking, and playing with all the doggos (especially number one shop dog Dexter). 

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